MAX: A Method for Evaluating the Post-use User eXperience through Cards and a Board

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User Experience (UX) is one of the most important attributes for the success and quality of a software product. UX explores how a person uses an application, and the emotional and behavioral consequences of such use. Although several UX evaluation methods allow gathering information on the reasons for a poor UX, some of them tend to make users feel uncomfortable, such as asking direct questions to shy users. This paper presents our proposal for evaluating UX, the Method for the Assessment of eXperience (MAX), which through cards and a board intends to motivate users to report their experience. The MAX method does not require experienced evaluators for performing the evaluation. Instead, this method is intended at software engineers willing to obtain data on UX and make users feel comfortable during the evaluation. To verify the feasibility of the MAX method from the point of view of users, we conducted a pilot study. The results showed that the MAX method has proven useful for evaluating the UX of finished or prototyped software applications. Also, we have made improvements in the method to meet users’ needs when reporting their experience, and gathering data on factors affecting the UX.


  • Emanuelle de Menezes Cavalcante
  • Luis Rivero
  • Tayana Conte


  • SEKE 2015 –  Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
  • Data e Local: 06 à 08 de julho de 2015 – Pittsburgh, USA

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